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The HTG EdgeSeq system

Simplified gene expression profiling that accelerates discovery and translational research

Finally, a biomarker discovery platform that actually fits your needs:


Extraction-free workflow

User-friendly automation

Requires fewer reads per sample

Simplified data analysis

Minimal Sample Input

Serial testing of archived samples can lead to sample exhaustion, limiting the amount of information that can be gained from rare clinical specimens.

HTG EdgeSeq assays require very little amounts of input material, allowing you to measure expression levels of thousands of genes, while still preserving the sample for additional follow-up studies.

Sample types

Our chemistry supports a wide variety of sample types, including formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) samples.


Biological sample embedded in parafin.


PAXGene liquid sample collection tubes.


Glass test tube containing centrifuged blood separated into a lower fraction of blood cells and an upper fraction of yellowish serum.

Extracted RNA

PCR reaction microtube containing approximately 30uL of clear liquid.


Petri dish containing pink cell media and, presumably, cells.

HTG EdgeSeq chemistry allows for multiplexed, quantitative molecular profiling using a 5 µm FFPE tissue section or 15 µl of plasma. The HTG EdgeSeq Autoimmune Panel is compatible for use with samples collected in PAXgene tubes.

No RNA extraction needed

Place your lysed PAXgene samples on the HTG EdgeSeq instrument, and let our automation take it from there.

HTG EdgeSeq chemistry does not require nucleic acid extraction from most samples, reducing sample input requirements, especially from FFPE samples. It also eliminates biases associated with nucleic acid extraction, size selection, cDNA synthesis, and adapter ligation.

Our extraction-free specimen preparation and quantitative nuclease protection chemistry assays automate the target capture of mRNA and miRNA targets for library preparation and next-generation sequencing (NGS) analysis.

Go from raw sample to sequencing-ready libraries in as little as 36 hours, with less than three hours of hands-on time.


Workflow Overview

HTG EdgeSeq extraction-free chemistry reduces sample input requirements and preserves valuable specimens. The chemistry eliminates timely and technically challenging steps - cDNA synthesis, size selection, rRNA depletion, end repair, and adapter ligation. HTG leverages the power of NGS and yields aligned data that accurately and reproducibly quantitates gene expression profiles.


More sample throughput and faster time to result

With typically less than 2 million reads per sample, you can quickly batch and sequence an entire experiment on Illumina instruments in your lab, in less than 12 hours.

Photo of Reveal software

From data to insights

Quickly see meaningful results and reports without a complicated analysis pipeline with the HTG EdgeSeq Reveal software package.

Data analysis capabilities:

  • Normalization and principal component analysis tools
  • Quality control data and correlation results generated from HTG EdgeSeq assays
  • Enables research on biology and pathways
  • Easy visualization of gene expression profiles

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